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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Agenda for a New Economy - By David Korten

An alternative to Neoliberal economics

‎"Most calls for action, however, seek only to limit the excesses and deceptions of greedy bankers and financiers. We have yet to engage a much-needed national conversation that addresses essential, yet unasked, questions....."

 ‎"For example:
1. Do Wall Street institutions do anything so vital for the
national interest as to justify opening the national purse
strings and showering them with trillions of dollars in
order to save them from the consequences of their own
2. Is it possible that the whole Wall Street edifi ce is built
on an illusion that has no substance yet carries deadly
economic, social, and environmental consequences for
the larger society?
3. Might there be other ways to provide necessary and
benefi cial fi nancial services with greater effectiveness
and at lower cost?
This edition of Agenda for a New Economy, as did the fi rst
edition, argues that the correct answers are (1) no, (2) yes,
(3) yes.
Ultimately, it comes down to a question of the values we
believe the economy should serve. Should it give priority to
money, or to life? To the fortunes of the few, or the well-being
of all?"

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