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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Statesman - Cut, cut, cut: Alistair Darling versus Greg Barker

New Statesman - Cut, cut, cut: Alistair Darling versus Greg Barker

Shadow cabinet ministers and Labour-supporting bloggers alike have become excited by this quote [below] from Tory minister Greg Barker, speaking in front of an American audience:

We are making cuts that Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s could only have dreamt of.

He's right. But the Labour response is, ahem, odd. Angela Eagle, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, says:

Greg Barker has let the cat out the bag about the ideological agenda behind this Tory-led government's deep cuts to public services.

Hmm. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. The inconvenient truth is that Labour, thanks to the so-called Darling plan for deficit reduction, had also planned to go beyond Thatcher too - and were equally keen to "let the cat out of the bag".

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  1. Who brought in and hired Atos in the first place and already took severely ill and disabled through this hell twice over before the ConDem govt take them through it again. The responses to my survey After Atos look good. Damning indictment as they are. But need much more. Please spread the word about that we are here to record their experiences. None to disappear without bearing their witness.