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Monday, 6 December 2010

Disability Living Allowance to be Scrapped

The DWP is now looking to scrap the DLA by 2013/14 and replace it with something called Personal Independence Payment, to "help disabled people remove the barriers they face to leading full and independent lives."

The assessment will be objective, reflect the impact of the barriers disabled people may experience, and make sure they are treated as individuals. Central to Personal Independence Payment will be a new, fairer, objective assessment, which will allow us to identify those who face the greatest need, in a more consistent and transparent manner. We are developing the new assessment in collaboration with a group of independent specialists in health, social care and disability, including disabled people. Personal Independence Payment will be based on need not income and will be a more active benefit, recognising changes to individuals’ situations and taking account of the support that disabled people can access to help them live independently. Where possible, we will signpost individuals to support that may help them manage their condition. We will ensure that the award continues to reflect the individual’s changing needs over time by building in periodic reviews.

We want to know who these independent specialists might be? And how independent will they be and who is paying these specialists and why did they think they need to replace the DLA in the first place?

Disabled people and their organisations should absolutely voice their collective say in the consultation.

the full report can be downloaded from

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  1. I wonder if they could give us a cost analysis of what it is going to cost to set up this new benefit and reassess every single person on DLA?

  2. The other change, the questions won't ask what you can't do, they will only ask what you CAN do, so this is ESA all over again

  3. This is just a means of removing a tax exempt benefit and replacing it with a taxable one, whilst at the same time removing those pesky loopholes that have enabled so many to appeal their review decisions. The government is out for itself and cares nothing for the individual, the parties in power are the pirates of our society :(

  4. You know I can't do this anymore. I struggle just to live in this bloody selfish world. I don't ask for much. I have paid into the system. I became disabled through no fault of my own. I only ask for some help. Not a lot but enough to live. I know no-one really cares but i'm sorry I can't do it anymore, it's too hard. I just hope my family understand..

  5. So sorry larainthe. It seems people have forgotten the whole point of the welfare state, and think we'd be better in a pre-Victorian state, with every man for himself and no help for those less fortunate.

  6. The "welfare state" has been picked and shaved right back to the bone. If these total idiots had any understanding, they would understand how hard life is with a disability.

    We do not ask for much. While the MPs sup it up, line pockets and have a "very merry, fat Christmas", many many people will suffer and worry!!!

  7. It's already hard enough to try getting what you're entitled to under the current system(believe me!) :0(
    I would bet anything(had I anything to bet!)that this new system will lead to nothing but misery, suffering, & poverty for the majority of disabled claimants!

  8. Please dont do anything drastic 'larainthe witch'! :0(
    Believe me, I know how difficult it gets when you're constantly being made to jump through hoops just to end up either being turned down, or managing to get far less than £100 a week! But nothing would please the current ruling 'Etonian SCUM'More than a few(or the lot!)of us giving up & topping ourselves!
    Don't let these cruel, nasty, over-privileged, Public School-boys destroy you, Please! :0( Take care & good luck, Honey. <3 Nomie <3 XXX <3