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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ayes To The Left: Tory "Donorgate" - A Comprehensive List!

Ayes To The Left: Tory "Donorgate" - A Comprehensive List!: "What influence will all the health care companies, the accountancy firms

David Cameron & Tories
Bankrolled By Companies Set To Make
Millions Out Of NHS Contracts
Awarded By Government After
Radical NHS Reforms
, insurance companies and the big banks and hedge funders etc, who all donate millions to the Tory Party have on Tory policy? On our lives, these are unelected big business, banks and newspaper barons, that are dictating the way we live our lives. Below is a list, a must read, any you see I have left off please post and I will research them and add them on, this is important, this is an outright threat to our democracy, our NHS, our jobs etc. You cannot trust this government, they have blatantly lied, connived, deliberate mislead the us, stole our votes fraudulently, let's kick them out BEFORE they do much more damage and BEFORE they privatise our NHS."

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